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Glass Spider (01:14:34 PM): So they’re immune to bullets, but a good ole tree branch gives ’em what-for. Glass Spider (01:14:44 PM): That’s it. I give. Glass Spider (01:14:49 PM): Uncle. Glass Spider (01:15:52 PM): I don’t care what happens to any of these people. Glass Spider (01:16:45 PM): Yay, red-puking. That’s new. Glass Spider (01:17:51 PM): I can’t do it. Glass Spider (01:18:50 PM): And it’s the wrong gun. Predictions point to balls in a shopvac level pain. s always we will post the viewing time if you want to be so foolish as to join us in this exercise of self-cinematic-flagellation. Glass Spider (00:02:18 PM): This is your brain on cordwood.

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They knew what it was to enter into and experience in a tremendous manner and measure the profusion of the favour of God. This factor marked them out in an outstanding degree. They stood approved and accepted of God and as a result knew what it was to experience not only God’s smile of approval but His rich bounty and goodness. It is quite a thing to be singled out to be the recipient of His favour. Ruth also needed to see the display of it and so in Boaz it was revealed in great measure. Nehemiah felt he must have it at a significant moment as he appeared before the monarch etc. It has to be said and recognized that this is the year of the Lord’s favour. One does not have to wait for it: it is here and to be entered into fully. As Christ is received in all of His fullness then there comes the rich demonstration of God’s favour in marked and memorable ways. There is the concept of partiality and preference implied and manifest within the expression and experience. People are set aside and apart to be the recipients of choice tokens and benefits. All will acknowledge without difficulty that Abraham stood in a unique relationship with God.


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A fair amount of ground is covered here, from the Marked Men's trademark choppy pop sound to straightforward punk, to darker-edged postpunk, some new-wavey bits, and an absolutely stunning Teengenerate-style garagepunk ripper sung by Mark Ryan, all capped off by Mike Wiebe's seemingly endless font of unusual, interesting lyrics. 14. 0 HOMOSTUPIDS - Strawberry Orange Peach Banana LP (fashionable idiots - Cleveland kings of Skull Music return to smash with this brand new mini album. Nine more tracks of their signature primitive retard rock done to perfection. This time around THE HOMOSTUPIDS see themselves recording in a real studio, oh my. The goal was to play one show as a dirge surf band and then call it a day. Everybody was involved in other bands (BLACK LIPS, GOLDEN TRIANGLE, BEZOAR, GEORGIANA STARLINGTON). K-Holes was intended to be a big party with no strings attached. Somehow it stuck, though, as the big party with no strings attached lifestyle will sometimes do. Through long nights holed-up in a concrete room, the surf was stripped away and the dirge remained. A saxophone replaced a guitar and the sewer gas sound was complete. So many shows, so many practices brought humiliating failure.


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Particolare e il premio Orso di Cristallo, assegnato da una giuria composta da soli giovani. Non ci resta che attendere per vedere chi trionfera alla Berlinale del 2015, magari suggerendo potenziali vincitori di altri premi. Questa settimana infatti esce Still Alice (che vede Julianne Moore in corsa come Miglior Attrice Protagonista) e torna eccezionalmente Boyhood, in corsa per ben sei statuette (Miglior Film, Miglior Regia, Miglior Attore Non Protagonista per Ethan Hawke, Miglior Attrice Non Protagonista per Patricia Arquette, Miglior Sceneggiatura Originale e Miglior Montaggio). Volendo restare fuori da ogni impegno, John Wick ci promette una sana dose di sparatorie, inseguimenti, botte ed esplosioni. Ancora una volta, una settimana di intrattenimento perfetto al cinema. Dibattito e scambio di idee degenerano presto in una messa in discussione di valori, scelte e persone, che non mancano di offendere e ferire tutti, nessuno escluso. Ma qualche volta l’amore puo fare miracoli e rimettere ordine nel caos degli affetti. Regia: Paolo Genovese Con: Raoul Bova, Liz Solari, Dino Abbrescia, Nino Frassica, Sabrina Impacciatore, Neri Marcore’, Giulia Michelini, Rolando Ravello, Sergio Rubini, Paolo Sassanelli, Pietro Sermonti ed Emilio Solfrizzi. Guia ha 30 anni, lavora in una prestigiosa rivista internazionale di moda, guida una spider di lusso, viaggia in jet privato e vive tra Milano e Parigi. Capisce che l’unica cosa che le manca e l’amore, quello vero. Still Alice Trailer, Recensione Regia: Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland Con: Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, Alec Baldwin e Hunter Parrish. Alice Howland e una donna alla soglia dei cinquant’anni, orgogliosa degli obiettivi raggiunti.


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The bezel, in horological speak is bi-direction, meaning it rotates in two directions. Before setting out, mountaineers set the bezel so that a specific height above sea level sits directly over 12 o’clock. Inside the watch is aneroid barometer, which measures air pressure. Seasoned collectors prize the Bivouac for its rarity, vintage looks and first-time-ever mechanical technology. The one on sale at Skinner, though, offers an additional incentive to buy—bullet proof provenance of an event in the watch’s history. Charles Malfetti was an American bodybuilder and mountain climber who died in May 2016 at age 86. Along with the watch, in a single frame, are four photographs of Malfetti and a guide climbing the Matterhorn, the most renowned, and at 14,692 feet the most difficult to conquer, mountain in the Swiss Alps. Other watches in the sale, some from famous brands are also highly desirable. Lot 103 is a favorite of collectors: An Omega Speedmaster chronograph (a watch with a stopwatch function) from the early ’60s. Sometimes called apprentice watches, these unsigned timepieces have enjoyed increased popularity with collectors in recent years. There is also one—or rather two—exceptional bargains in the sale. Lot 1 consists of two pocket watches in 18 karat yellow gold cases by Patek Philippe, the most prestigious of Swiss luxury watch brands.


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The flow of documents between programs. As we move color docu- ments from program to program, or even from person to person, howdo we keep colors looking right, and when and how do we convert todifferent forms for output. The flow of materials into or out of a color-managed environment. How do we bring in documents and objects from non-color-manageddevices or applications, and integrate them with our color manage-ment documents. How can we get maximum benefit out of our colormanagement efforts before sending our jobs off to environmentswhere other non-color-managed steps may happen. We color-manage two types of things: documents, and objectsin docu-ments. For example,a document in Photoshop consists of a raster image, but in Illustrator, QuarkXPress, or InDesign, this very same raster image may be just one object among many in an assembled document. And each one of these objects may have a different profile assigned to it (see Figure 10-1). One of PhotoKJt's useful capabilities is to provide a more controlled method of color to grayscalecoovcriiom. In this figure, we included a color swatch lo help viaualize the effects of various Color toBAWefTiects rar4 Ultimately, all these elements will wind up being converted to the same output space. There are really only two variables that differentiate the very large number of possible color management workflows: When the conversions occur How the color meaning is conveyed 274 Real World Color Management, Second Edition As we told you way back in Chapter 3, these are the only two things that color management systems do. Applications may dress color manage-ment up in fancier clothing, but all color management features ultimatelybreak down into some combination of these two basics.


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They must listen to their stories, which the corporate media shut out. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. This is not a gap between the tolerant and the intolerant. It is a gap between most of the American population and our oligarchic and corporate elites, which Trump epitomizes. It is a gap that is understood only in the light of the demand for economic justice. And when we start to speak in the language of justice first, and the language of inclusiveness second, we will begin to blunt the protofascism being embraced by many Trump supporters. I spent two years writing a book on the Christian right called “ American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America. I spent many months with dispossessed white workers in states such as Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California. Those enthralled by such thinking are Christian heretics—Jesus did not come to make us rich and powerful and bless America’s empire—and potential fascists. They have fused the iconography and symbols of the American state with the iconography and symbols of the Christian religion. They believe they can create a “Christian” America. The American flag is given the same sacred value as the Christian cross.

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Agreed with funky that a 10 minute cut of Tron would do you better if you could find one. We Need to Talk About Kevin - it's good, but not memorable. I always appreciate creative cinematography, as you said, reflective surfaces, interesting use of colors and shadows. You can see how much attention was given to detail. If it weren't for Wall-E, it would've been my favorite from Pixar. I thought it was funny, charming, very emotional film with a beautiful message. Detroit - I commented on it last week as well, so I don't want to repeat myself. I like the way it's in your face, so to speak, puts you in the spot. I would say that's more plotty than your average Jarmusch. As a matter of fact, it's his only film that I consider a strong favorite of mine. I've liked all of his films that I've seen, though. If I remember correctly, only the extended versions of LOTR aren't that different from theatrical versions.

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Brightburn Release date: May 24, 2019 James Gunn might be taking a break from directing after being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but he's far from done with the superhero genre if his latest project is anything to go by. Produced by Gunn and directed by David Yarovesky, upcoming movie Brightburn seeks to put a sinister twist on the superhero genre with the tale of a young boy called Brandon. Sound familiar? Brightburn definitely seems to be rifting of the original Superman origin story, but with one key difference; Brandon isn't using his powers for good. Elizabeth Banks and David Denman play Brandon's human parents who are struggling to keep him on the right path as his powers intensify, but Brightburn is more a horror than a hero story. Produced by the singer himself, along with his partner David Furnish, and directed by Sunshine on Leith ’s Dexter Fletcher, Rocketman stars Taron Egerton as the English popstar during his early years. We've since has the first trailer, which shows such a spectacular version of events that even non-Elton John fans will want to see it. The opportunity for growth is true as long as you work hard. I have met people who worked for AAA and became part of the management team from starting at the bottom and getting promoted within one year. Crazy, right? Coworkers are team players and so helpful.

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Free. P OI N T AUSTI N CO N T I N UE D FRO M P. 5 Still Not Raining Then there’s the session-long assault on women (both symbolic and real) in the form of hysterical anti-abortion bills and draconian cuts to health care that hit hardest against women, children, and the elderly. Equally outrageous has been the wholesale abandonment of the public schools, already weakened by the bait and switch of the 2006 property tax cuts. The defense that “we just don’t have the money” because of the recession imploded last week in the wake of the Senate’s capitulation to the “No Rainy Day” mantra of such economic visionaries as Houston Sen. Dan Patrick, who refused to vote for a budget that acknowledges that, yes, indeed, it’s raining in Texas. You can’t claim economic emergency at one stroke and simultaneously hide the emergency funds at the next. Steve Ogden, and its partial use of the Rainy Day Fund. This scorched-earth approach to economic reality does not qualify. But courts are painfully slow, and Texans will feel the results long before any justice is restored. “There’s going to be a backlash once this budget goes into effect,” Ratliff said, “and the prison system starts having to let people out, as they did in 1988, or when the mamas see their kids in a class of 30 or 35 children, or all the local teachers start being laid off. The county’s health and human services funds (which would require major increases just to keep up with current needs) under the Senate budget is slated for a 10.

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