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(It already has one buyer. . I'll be the one with an embarrassing amount of chocolate on my face. The entertainment runs the gamut, from Peruvian music to Mexican dancing to Puerto Rican spoken word, as well as food, crafts, and pony rides. All proceeds will go to the Cambridge Camping Association, which provides summer camp experiences for disadvantaged children. Our correspondant intrepide Jeff Miranda has an idea. Today marks Bastille Day, the start of the French Revolution, and tonight? ? evival. Tonight? party kicks off at 9:30 p.

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based digital technology group. Ending the nine-month process that saw Bains take a cross-country tour to announce bids that made the short list, the Innovation Supercluster Initiative was originally announced in the most recent federal budget. During that period, Bains explained what constituted a supercluster even while calling on groups to submit letters of intent. “Superclusters are job-creating regions with strong economies, like Silicon Valley, and our government intends to create five of them in Canada,” he explained in October. “Through the Superclusters Initiative, we’ve started conversations and created solid partnerships between government, the private sector, academia and communities. In today’s knowledge-based economy, this collaboration is essential. Together, we are building the economy of the future, creating the jobs of today and tomorrow and gearing up for global success that will benefit all Canadians. There were four shortlisted bids that lost out on funding today: Included in groups that did not make the shortlist are the three information and communications technology (ICT) bids previously covered by IT World Canada, including the blockchain supercluster, microelectronics bid, and digital identity application. As Menon explains, many research groups around the world are working on the problem of wrapping liquid droplets to stabilize emulsions, which can be useful in drug delivery systems, for example, or for remediating oil spills. The customary method is to use a layer of fluid that acts as a surfactant to keep oils and water in suspension. Mayonnaise is an emulsion of oil and water, Menon notes, with egg white as the surfactant that holds it in suspension.


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If you don’t like the kids, then you probably won’t like the movie, but I found the child actors to be very endearing and incredibly believable. If the story is somewhat over familiar, it pays mild homage at best and does great things with it. There’s a moment that’s very much like the attack on Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters, which may or may not raise a smile or recognition and a scream of horror. The use of the advert jingle in a seance was another nice touch. For most fans of demons and creepy horror, with a little patience, Veronica is well worth a look. Her father has recently passed away and neither of them are dealing with it healthily. Bad move, Leah. At first nothing happens, but then odd occurrences start to mount up. Was her ritual successful, or has she really gone off the deep end. It’s closer to Paranormal Activity than the more overt Insidious, using shadow and suggestion to creep us out. The camera makes us very intimate with Leah too; we’re often pressed up uncomfortably near to her face, watching her reactions, the snap of her emotions, sucked right into her point of view.


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T h i s practitioner would have to understand the nature of the deity and be able to visualize him or her. Then, the body of light or astral body i ould be shapeshifted, through visualization, to match the appearance of the God or Goddess. Acting in the form of this deity, one could perform powerful magick, related, of course, to the energies of the particular deity. The practice began to fascinate me, although I couldn't figure out why at first. I began to enjoy deeply any rites where I assumed the form of one of the Old Gods. Always feeling free to wander outside traditional lodge workings anyway, I began experimenting with godforms of more than just the Egyptian pantheon. I began calling on the Greek Gods I knew as a child, and the Sumerian ones that I had found later on. But only by assuming their forms—by thus intensely invoking them—did I begin to really know them. I felt a connection with Divinity that I attained no other way. And, because I was only calling on the aspects of the Source that I was seeking, I never felt uncomfortable. Although I hadn't formally identified how my nocturnal nature fit in with the Craft yet, I had found which energies and types of deities called to me and literally and figuratively spoke to me.


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It lost control of it’s abdominal muscles and legs but it flopped down and pulled itself forward with its arms. It’s teeth snapped together within inches of my knee. The rictus of the face relaxed and the eyes lost their focus. We’d engage the larger groups in a line and, as we cut them down, we’d slowly move back to keep them from flanking us. The sheer monotony of it finally overcame Richard’s tenseness and he started looking more like he did in the dojo, relaxed and focused, spending his energy at the right instance to accelerate his blade instead of slowing it with excess tension. One of them carried a baseball bat, his hands hadn’t lost their cunning. It came in and swung at Sensei, like a slugger going for a fast ball, and Sensei took one step back and cut the wrists, then finished it, kesa. Richard finished the other after Lou took off its leg mid-thigh. Fortunately the older ones are so changed-their hair falls out and their skin is scabbed, flaked, and swollen-that even if you knew them before, your chances of recognizing them are small. It was tortillas with onions, eggs, and beans and my first bite showed me I could eat. It gets dark early down in the bottoms.


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ga? retrial, as he attempts to prove his innocence in the face of reckless administrators, dishonest investigators and an abominable justice system in which every suspect is presumed guilty. ERNESTO CONTRERAS, JOSE MANUEL CRAVIOTO Cast: Rub? Albarr? , Emmanuel del Real D? z, Jos. Alfredo Rangel Arroyo, Enrique Rangel Arroyo Feature Documentary The story of one of the most influential rock bands of our generation; Cafe Tacvba. A rock band travels around different latitudes of earth, among planes, trucks, hotels and dressing rooms, we discover the creative process that unites them, the friendship, problems, frustrations and their desire of continue being a rock band, in the year they reach twenty years of being Caf? Tacvba. A BOX OFFICE HIT! Jorge Colon's SIN ELLA shows us how much a family member can guide the values and lives of the others, even when absent.


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Mana taknya, buah hati yang berusia 6 hari akan terbaring di katil pembedahan, yang mana pelbagai kemungkinan akan terjadi. Sebelum pembedahan dijalankan, kami dipanggil pakar bius untuk diterangkan segala prosedur dan ada borang yang perlu kami tandatangani. Lebih kurang pukul 3. 0 petang, nurse call bagitau Nashif dah sedia untuk ditolak ke dewan bedah dan kami diminta untuk mengiringi Nashif. Sampai di dewan bedah, doctor incharge untuk pembedahan tu tanya aku serba-sedikit (history taking rasenye). Aku gagal mengawal emosi, depan semua orang aku start menangis, gagal tahan sebak didada. Lebih kurang 6. 0 petang Nashif dibawa naik ke wad, diletakkn di bilik depan sekali. Kemudian doc bagitau pembedahan berjaya dan didapati usus Nashif tak bersambung, kedudukannya terbalik. Menangis lagi. Ye, kelahiran cahaya mata kali ni penuh dengan tangisan.

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Both are of 42 years, but do not look as if they share the same age. They are better than the young fresh boys you see on screen nowadays. However, there is a huge difference in their personalities which makes us think that Smriti must be older. Sunny Deol and Alok Nath, both are almost 58 years of age. Sunny Deol seems to have aged gracefully, while on the other hand Alok Nath has been playing the role of father in films since he was 24 years old. Both are of 67. But, Can you believe that Farida Jalal, the old gradma we love is actually the same age of Hema Malini. Bindu and Shabana might have worked in many films together. While Shabana is still very active and looks maintained, Bindu however looks very old already. Strangely, but Director Rohit Shetty and actor Uday Chopra also share the same age of 42 years. Music-Lachaim by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ).