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Beberapa kru naas dimakan oleh ikan paus yang ganas tersebut dan yang masih selamat harus bisa bertahan dan menghadapi Ikan Paus tersebut. Berbagai cara dan upaya dilakukan agar mereka bisa kembali pada keluarga mereka. Kisah film ini berdasarkan kisah dari buku berjudul In The Heart Of The Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex. Buku karya Nathaniel Philbrick yang berkisah tentang perjalanan sebuah kapal penangkap ikan paus. Kapal bernama Essex ini berlayar dengan kapten George Pollard dan Kelasi kelas 1 (asisten) bernama Owen Chase dengan tujuan mendapatkan minyak ikan. Saat menonton film ini, yang terpikir oleh mimin awalnya adalah petualangan di kapal yang biasa saja.

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And even though the parade never really delivered—not enough Disney characters, none in fact, and there was always just that one brass band too many—I still got excited. During the eleven years that I lived abroad, the Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin underwent a fundamental metamorphosis and became a reconstituted, rehabilitated, international extravaganza. Instead of the inter- 186 Have You the Green Food Coloring. Music and good-looking men and jugglers and fire-eaters and. oh. all kinds of things.

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Oi. That scene made me realize that while Zombie doesn't always have his act together in film, he can really tug at the emotions of fear and despair when he tries. So I posted on my facebook, what movies to check out by him and, the majority said check out all of his films. I decided to watch Eraserhead. Holy shit. That was great.

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I think someone needs to file a lawsuit against the Red Temple for discriminating against ugly women, because it sure seems like every red priestess is an attractive female with a nice figure. She’s the High Priestess of the Red Temple in Volantis (a city Tyrion visited last season). And after seeing the crowds these servants of the Lord of Light draw, Tyrion wisely calls upon one to come and proclaim Dany’s name in her absence. Because after all, Stannis was also proclaimed Azor Ahai by another attractive red priestess and he’s now dead. “Humans make mistakes” is the response from Kinvara, who then goes about recalling Varys past and how he heard some voice in the fire the night he became a Eunuch. She even goes so far as to say that low point in Varys’s life was a blessing because it put him on a path to serve Daenarys.