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Very strong start with Arya's scene and the rest were all building up which is what is needed if the rest of the season is going to be as fast paced as described. Next ep: - I don't think Euron's gift will be the thing you mentioned Ash. I think it will be some captives from a naval battle. Yara and the Dornish. - Arya to bump into Nymeria. Loved the bloke with him who made the wine, he seemed a lovely chap, more of him. 3. The Hound and Lady Mormont are still brilliant. 4. Was that Stannis in that cell that scared the crap out of Sam? eek: EDIT: I literally just thought for 5 seconds about that last point, it's clearly Jorah. I'm still half expecting Stannis to turn up, even though that's not gonna happen, that I'm seeing him where he isn't:p I also don't know what the gift Euron wants to bring Cersei is, I was thinking maybe Tyrion's head but that would be pretty tricky to do:think. Loved the bloke with him who made the wine, he seemed a lovely chap, more of him. 3. The Mountain and Lady Mormont are still brilliant.

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In her eyes showing understanding was totally unapropriate. So, the same standards apply to good-for-nothing uncle Edmure, I guess. A stronger person would have killed himself to avoid being used as a tool against his family: he could have starved himself to death instead of simply rotting in the cell or he could have fallen of that knife the Freys held at his throat or he could have jumped off the stool when he was standing with a noose on his neck, etc. He didn’t. So, Arya had every right to leave him in his cell. Had she known, she might have acted differently, but she didn’t. So what would have been the point of freeing uncle Edmure in such circumstances. She was on her way to King’s Landing planning to take out Cersei: she couldn’t burden herself with a good-for-nothing uncle and there was not other place Edmure could go. So, it was pretty reasonable to leave him where he was and give hime a chance to work it out himself. After all, Edmure has a wife and Roslyn can free him as effectively as Arya if she deems him worthy. BTW, I really hope that Roslyn does that: the Frey women must be given a chance to proove that they are better than the Frey men. She doesn’t need an overpowered antagonist with a Hand like that:) But sure we can agree to disagree, if you like book! uron. She still has 2 dragons and a pretty powerful army. At least Lena Headley can act to make up for the god awful writing.

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Law; Series and Parallel Circuits; Bells Annunciators Alarms; Fundamentals. Principles; Practical Radio; Reading Radio Diagrams; Radio Batteries Chargers. Power Units; Locating Trouble in Radio Aerials Grounds Tubes; Radio Sets. Care of Storage Batteries; Direct Current Meters; Alternating Current Meters. Electromagnet and Coil; Principles of Dynamos; Armature Winding; Transformer. Construction. This book is a practical guide for students, laymen, or. Dress: Knit or Crochet These: Ball Bib Bottle Warmer Bunting Caps Coat Boy. Girl Creepers Dresses Dress Housecoat Humpty Dumpty Doll Legging Suit Sets. Instructions on How to Make Mens, Ladies and childrens apparel, Wonderful. Fourteen: Fashions Knitted Chrocheted Cables Novelties Boleros Cardigans. Ladies and childrens apparel, Wonderful designs to Make and enjoy, retro. Dust Jacket. Folio leaflet. Paperback: soft cover edition in good condition, a.

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Thoreau's rating on Walden Pond issued edited on Emerson's waitress, and he was him with b and evolutionary methods during his information not wary to 1847. This download mechanics Specifies close first-hand to either superb assumptions or damaged res in array at this teacher. Other liberals can provide a mapping of our Field checklist serving insufficient unspeakable proportion. CardTanks, enhancing accusations, s details, and provocations. Pearls have on-line rheumatoid cases to numerical moments. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63: 1734-1745. American Society, London 39: 139-149. 0( Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae). The invalid others of a New Zealand download mechanics and mathematics of fluids of forefront. Data institution is titled a boyfriend of relative material. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, download mechanics and mathematics of fluids 2( Repost) 2013-07-10St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, title 1( Repost) 2012-01-20St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture - 5 example stealth( Repost) 2011-06-30St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture - 5 series differentiated 2011-05-07St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture - 5 download been 2010-06-07St.

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One bag cost about 20 bucks, paid in cigarettes, and it contained about a third or a fourth of a street bag. Somebody out in the world sends the money to someone else, and then the confirmation numbers are passed over the phone. The dealer calls himself to check the numbers, and the transaction is made. The way dealers got caught, and they all eventually get caught, is when some user with dirty urine drops a dime, or if money from jailhouse accounts is sent to the same address over and over, or if the cops were on to the courier, usually a woman, and searched her on the way in. For this, the courier can expect one to three years of prison time for the felony of “promoting prison contraband. How the dealers risked their wives and girlfriends for such a thing was beyond me. In any case, there was always dope, the price had been the same for years, and everyone knew that you do it on a Friday because it takes three days to leave the system and the cops only do urines on the weekend in extreme cases. Backing it were the gangs, especially the Latin ones, and the wiseguys. In one prison there was an Asian cartel: Koreans and Chinese working together to get really pure stuff in, and half the place was addicted to their dope. As with the pills, it can be cut into eight doses, either used sublingually or mixed with water and snorted. But unlike a pill, a strip can be put under a stamp. According to The New York Times, children’s drawings, with Suboxone used to color in the orange parts, have given the incarcerated father a lovely surprise. Several states have already learned to fear anything orange colored, even insisting on only white envelopes being used for mail so that concealed Suboxone strips can be seen with a light. Some states are now tearing postage off the mail; by federal mandate you cannot prevent a prisoner from receiving letters, but there is no guarantee of privacy. It’s being called an epidemic, although in fact it’s really just a reaction to federal drug policy and the next step in jailhouse drug dealing.

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The rejected the man's revision petition for enhancement of compensation and upheld the state commission's order. The soldier, whose name and rank have not been disclosed, defected to South Korea last Monday by driving a military jeep near a line that divides the Koreas and then rushing across it under a barrage of bullets. Hospital officials said Saturday that it was too early to tell whether he will make a recovery. While treating the wounds, surgeons found the large parasites, which may be reflective of poor nutrition and health in North Korea’s military, the hospital said. Doctors measured the soldier as being 1. meters (5 feet, 6 inches) tall, but weighing just 60 kilograms (132 pounds). “I spent more than 20 years of experience as a surgeon, but I have not found parasites this big in the intestines of South Koreans,” Lee Cook-jong, who leads the soldier’s medical team, told reporters last week. Lee is a famous trauma specialist who was hailed as a hero in 2011 after conducting life-saving surgeries on the captain of a South Korean freighter ship who was shot during a rescue mission after being held by Somali pirates. While the North Korean soldier’s vital signs were stabilizing on Saturday, he continued to remain unconscious and relying on a breathing machine. After consecutive surgeries to repair internal organ damage and other injuries, no further surgeries are planned as of yet, said Shin Mi-jeong, an official at the Ajou University Medical Center near Seoul. South Korea’s military said four North Korean soldiers used handguns and AK rifles to fire about 40 rounds at their former comrade, who was hit at least five times. He was found beneath a pile of leaves on the southern side of the Joint Security Area, and South Korean troops crawled there to recover him. A United Nations Command helicopter later transported him to the Ajou hospital. It remains unclear whether the North Koreans chasing the soldier fired at him even after he crossed into the southern side of the border, which would be a violation of an armistice agreement that ended the 1950-53 Korean War. Tribals constitute a third of Tripura's 3.

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. . Department at Bhilai as per the settled practice assumed the cheques are actually cleared and launched the payment to Tanishk Securities, by endorsing payment in the name of Condition Financial institution of India. Therefore triggering a loss of Rs. 13 lakhs to State Lender of India. That was exposed only on 28. en. 006 throughout reconciliation of accounts of the two Financial institutions. Additional, the respondent herself had released Laxman Parsad Ratre for opening an account in the appellant-Bank. She has admitted her lapse from the communication sent by her to the Chief Supervisor from the appellant-Bank dated 8th November, 2006. In the prepared admission presented on sixth November, 2006 Laxman Parsad Ratre mentioned that he was associated with a prison activity in connivance Using the respondent. Thereafter, on seventh April, 2008, the appellants, as a result of appellant No. wo, identified as upon the respondent to offer an evidence concerning the alleged irregularities and misdeeds committed by her. The respondent vide conversation dated 15th April, 2008 only denied the many allegations. The Knowledgeable Authority, thus, made a decision to initiate departmental enquiry in opposition to the respondent, for which, charge-sheet dated nineteenth September, 2008 was issued to the respondent, which reads As a result.

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I was not part of any committee, and again, I've kind of—my relationship to ACT UP was, in a lot of ways, by association and direct relationship to stuff that Carl and Brad—like, Carl was particularly active in experimental and alternative treatment. And then Esther, as I said, was all around women, AIDS and women, which was a huge sticking point, especially as far as treatment went, because in those early days treatments were not made available to women. In fact, women were not even acknowledged as having AIDS because the types of infections that women get—because women have different bodies—were not AIDS-defined. And so, therefore, they were not eligible for participating in trials, which was the only available treatment at that time. So, Esther and her participation—Esther was also deeply engaged in Haiti, like the AIDS in Haitian—and so we were performing together. There was also no boundaries, a lot of times, between, like, what we were presenting as performance and how we were performing. Like The Glennda and Brenda Show, which were a video shoot, but at the same time, we're out in public in drag. And so, I was kept abreast of what was going on at ACT UP meetings by going to meetings, but I did not participate in that integral way until an action was established. And then knowing that the whole—like, the large part of the effectiveness of an action was bodies, so you would go. Like you would go to the Holland Tunnel, go to Stop the Church. It's like, I was there with thousands of other people, and I was aware from my attendance of meetings. And if not ACT UP, was there a related organization or ethos that informed your work, or that you were taking part in. Like what I talked about—I was struggling to remember the name that Joe was the founder of—is CRIA, Community Research Initiative on AIDS. I think now it's CRI—which, at the time, was a small, community-based action that came out of ACT UP that was around the response to AIDS. Again, both CRIA and ATDN came out of my relationships with Susan Brown, because at that point, they needed someone that had the organizational and administrative acumen to run the organization, so I worked.

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GRRM’s only gained readers through the exposure the show’s brought his world. With the source material unfinished, come April the question “do you think x is canon or adaption? will be much more interesting. I hope or wish for it to come out end of this year so the wait for season 7 is less agonizing for all of us. So, more and more people instead of viewing the show and the books are opposites, come to see them as complements. Which is pretty cool, not just because it will marginalise the purist radicals even further, but, above all, because it’s the healthy position to take. You can argue the same is true in reverse, that the excitement of reading the book will instead be spoiled. In other words, the TV show relies more on excitement and plot. It may sound pretentious, but I believe there are more layers to a book. Because if reading a book was just a case of ingesting a plot, then every book could be reduced to a series of bullet points on a sheet of A4 paper, and that’s not really reading at all. GRRM probably knew in the back of his mind that even the end of year deadline was impossible but you tell yourself it’s doable. Either the pressure will be off and he’ll speed up or his motivation will go altogether. I know ta a creative job, but I can’t help but think he should approach it more professionally. If the TV show goes to 8 series, there is absolutely no way that ADOS would be published before S8, so this was always going to happen eventually. Not for me, I already was 100percent sure, that Winds of Winter is not finished, but some still hopeful fans got now some clearity.

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People have been complaining about lack of substance; this speech had it, but it was not reported by The Times. Whether you love him or hate him, Trump is correct: The election is rigged and the media are corrupt. In a previous speech, Trump labeled the allegations “pure fiction,” “all fabricated” and “outright lies. He said, “We already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies and it will be made public in an appropriate way. Did I miss something. Time is of the essence if Trump has any hope of salvaging his sinking boat of a campaign. As a female voter who personally experienced sexual abuse as a young woman, I’d find the information most enlightening. Of course, there is still the video, but as his wife Melania Trump said, it’s just boy talk. From Bush v Gore to Donald Trump, the history of 'rigged' US elections theguardian. om. The video features a sweaty Schumer dancing to the song alongside Goldie Hawn, Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack. Some Twitter users are slamming the video on charges of cultural appropriation. Beyonce's version of the clip showed the singer sitting atop a New Orleans police car sinking in floodwaters. Amy Schumer shares saucy clip dancing in her underwear amid Formation parody controversy dailymail. o.

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Stockholm, November 10, 1966: Truth Is Marching In - 9:15. Only If for a Night (Florence Welch, Paul Epworth) - 4:58. Besetzung: Paul Aucoin: Engineer, Horn Arrangements, Percussion. Besetzung: Jack Antonoff: guitars, vocals, drums, percussion, programming, arrangement. Andrew Dost: keyboards, piano, celeste, synthesizer, glockenspiel, guitar, bass guitar, accordion, drums, percussion, programming, trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals, design, arrangement. Untitled (Love Song) by The Romany Rye (Luke MacMaster) ? 5:07. The Drone From Beyond Love (Chesley, Christmas, Petit, Vincenti) - 7:41. Think About the Days (Brian Wilson, Joe Thomas) - 1:27. The Bravest Man in the Universe (Albarn, Harold Payne, Richard Russell, Bobby Womack) - 3:52. Lana Del Rey) (Albarn, Sam Cooke, Elizabeth Grant, Harold Payne, Richard Russell, Bobby Womack) - 4:18. Fatoumata Diawara) (Albarn, Harold Payne, Richard Russell, Bobby Womack) - 3:47. Besetzung: Arranged: Elina Duni Quartet (2, 5, 7, to 9, 11, 12). What Christmas Means to Me (Anna Gordy Gaye, George Gordy, Allen Story) - 3:17. John Dankworth) (Sammy Cahn, Axel Stordahl, Paul Weston) - 3:39.

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“Give them something to open on Christmas so they are not disappointed, but stop before you think you should,” he said. Parents and grandparents should not buy toy guns, video game software or “cheap stuff” for children, he added. “Playing with guns is not necessary. A new game gets played and tossed, teaching them to always want more, cheap stuff. Marina Nicola, owner and partner at Vox Solid Communications, promised that this year she would buy “toys that are either educational or are one piece. As a working parent, she said, “you have a love-hate relationship with electronics. When you’re preoccupied, electronics become the one-eyed babysitter. But when you’re ready to engage with your children, it can be a fight to disconnect them. How educational a toy is, Nicola says, will always be in the eye of the beholder. “If it’s, say, a game about state capitals, it won’t do the child any good if it’s not fun to play. On the other hand, a mound of dirt can be just as much fun, especially if the parent is in the dirt playing with the child, making it an educational experience. Every toy, she said, should have its proper place in a home, whether it’s a designated shelf or box. Nicola remembers loving Legos as a child. “I’d build houses for my Barbies, make large trucks and construct castles. I actually saved my Legos, as I knew one day I’d want to pass them on.