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Perfection. We also know that The Leftovers evolved into something truly special by the end. It took a story that was Biblical in scale--a storm that would finally wash the remainders of humanity away--and made it intensely personal. An incredible cast that included Scott Glenn, Kevin Carroll, Christopher Eccleston, Amy Brenneman, and the absolutely stunning Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux chased one another across the world to Australia. Each sought answers to individual questions; Coon's Nora Durst revealed she'd stop at nothing to learn what happened to her family, and Theroux's Kevin Garvey wrestled with the possibility that he might somehow be an immortal messiah meant to save humanity. His gonzo trips to the afterlife--if that's what they even really were--remain some of the best episodes of the year, mixing Jack Ryan-level political espionage with heady surrealism and extraordinarily dark humor. And the show's most amazing feat may be how it ultimately provided the answer, in a heartrending, pulse-pounding final scene that let us, as viewers, choose exactly what to believe. It builds a truly compelling murder mystery around its complex, flawed characters who live seemingly perfect lives in the picturesque coastal city of Monterey, California. Kelly, Big Little Lies digs beneath the surface of this calm, pristine town to reveal the guilt, self-destruction, anger, and stress escalating within its inhabitants. From the beginning, we are shown a murder--aware that the season will end in a death, with neither the victim nor the murderer revealed. As the season progresses, tensions rise and parents become more dangerous--and anyone could be a suspect. Witherspoon shines as Madeline, a scheming helicopter mom who loves to stir things up. Woodley plays Jane, a rape victim and single mom haunted by her past trauma and hoping to give her son a good life in a new town. Kidman and Skarsgard deliver one of the most intense and harrowing depictions of a violent marriage ever shown on television, one that shook us to the core. Acclaimed film director Jean-Marc Vallee ( Dallas Buyers Club, Wild ) helmed the entire season, providing us with beautiful vistas of the California coast and a memorable, purposeful soundtrack.

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Report Katrina Kaif Celeb Gown Up GameGox 2 years in the past Dress up the indian superstar katrina kaif by altering the hair, cloths, jewels and even more. Report Indian Special Attire JoinGamer 2 years in the past Indian girls always wears particular clothes, they appear to be a flower and particular jewelries. Report The India Princess JoinGamer 2 years in the past Challenge your self on this India Princess video games and assist her dress up extra pretty than normal! nYou try her fancy wardrobe and make the best choice in choosing up the most effective garments, accessories, shoes and hairstyles. Report Indian Stomach Dancer JoinGamer 2 years in the past Tamasi is loopy about stomach dance and she or he is now knowledgeable dancer in India. Report Indian bridal make up 2-Play 2 years ago Do this fantastic sport during which it’s important to put together a Indian bride for marriage ceremony. Report Barbie Indian Saree JoinGamer 2 years ago Saree is the preferred and largely carrying gown in Indian tradition. Play the game and you will meet an India Princess who need to make new friends on line. Report Kulfi Ice Decor Like a Gamer 9 months ago Everybody likes ice cream. Report The India Princess Awky 2 years ago Challenge yourself on this India Princess games and assist her dress up more pretty than traditional! nYou take a look at her fancy wardrobe and make the only option in picking up the most effective clothes, equipment, sneakers and hairstyles. The player picks up the seeds that have blown away and locations them in a separate pile. If another seed is disturbed, the participant’s turn ends. The game continues till your complete heap has been distributed among the many players. Many poor children in India do not need toys to play with, so that they use their imaginations to play with no matter they will find.

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Malo je stvari koje oni ne m o g u svojim vestim rukama i razumom da izvrse. Jer Blizanci su poznati po tome sto pate od nesanice. Na poslu, Blizanca mozete da prepoznate po tamnim p o d o c n j a c i m a. Iako na poslu i radnom mestu uvek zbija sale i viceve, on svoje radne zadatke obavlja marljivo. Sekretarice p o d znakom Merkura su poznate po brzom kucanju vaseg diktata. U stanju je da v e o m a uspesno sastavi poslovno pismo bez puno vasih uputstava. Obavljati dva posla odjednom ne predstavlja nikakvu teskocu za ovu devojku. Nije seprtlja, vec veoma hitra, bistra i snalazljiva osoba. Ukoliko to ne uradite i sami razgovarate o tim stvarima s Blizancem, ubedice vas da mu date vise novca nego sto ste naumili. Po njemu, to bi i bilo sasvim logicno s vase 128 B L I Z A N C I strane. Z a t o vam je bolje i pametnije da o finansijskim predlozima ne razgovarate direktno s Blizancem. A k o vam je do kockanja, onda napred, samo probajte. Ali posle tog razgovora on garantovano dobija onu sumu koju dajete Devici i Raku za celu godinu. S obzirom da je Blizanac veliki sarmer, svi su izgledi da ce u preduzecu biti nekoliko njih sa slomljenim srcima. Afera ili dve mesecno i nestalan odnos je nesto sasvim uobicajeno.

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At its center was the divine king (an incarnation of an Indian deity), his throne sym bolizing Mount Meru, seat of the gods; the buildings, roads, city walls, and even, ceremonially, his wives and personal staff were deployed quadrangularly around him according to the directions of the four sa cred winds. Not only the king himself but his ritual, his regalia, his court, and his castle were shot through with charismatic significance. The castle and the life of the castle were the quiddity of the kingdom, and he who (often after meditating in the wilderness to attain the appro priate spiritual status) captured the castle captured the whole empire, 45 The following very schematic and necessarily ex cathedra d iscussion is based mainly on my own research and represents only my own views, but I have also drawn heavily on the work of Herbert Feith for factual material. Far Eastern Quarterly 2 ( 1 942): 231 Ideol ogy As a Cultural System grasped the charisma of office, and displaced the no-longer-sacred king. 4 7 The early polities were thus not so much solidary territorial units as loose congeries of villages oriented toward a common urban center, each such center competing with others for ascendency. So far as the pattern was territorial at all, it con sisted of a series of concentric circles of religio-military power spread ing out around the various city-state capitals, as radio waves spread from a transmitter. The closer a village to a town, the greater the im pact, economically and culturally, of the court on that village. And, conversely, the greater the development of the court-priests, artisans, nobles, and king-the greater its authenticity as an epitome of cosmic order, its military strength, and the effective range of its circles of out ward-spreading power. Spiritual excellence and political eminence were fused. Magical power and executive influence flowed in a single stream outward and downward from the king through the descending ranks of his staff and whatever lesser courts were subordinate to him, draining out finally into the spiritually and politically residual peasant mass. Theirs was a facsimile concept of political organization, one in which the reflection of the supernatural order microscopically m irrored in the life of the capital was in turn further and more faintly reflected in the countryside as a whole, producing a hierarchy of less and less faithful copies of an eternal, transcendent realm. In such a system, the adminis trative, military, and ceremonial organization of the court orders the world around it iconically by providing it with a tangible paragon Ibid. All kinds of fore ign islands; to be compared with them are the cultivated land's areas, made happy and quiet. The court culture nevertheless persisted, although it was over laid and i nterfused with Islamic symbols and ideas and set among an ethnically more differentiated urban mass, which looked with less awe on the classical order. The steady growth-especially on J ava-of Dutch administrative control in the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries constricted the tradition still further.

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It’s Epic Fail: Design Research War Stories, and is based on the War Stories that I’ve been gathering since 2012. At its simplest, our job is to gather stories and to retell them. War stories are accounts of contextual user research (research out in the field) and the inevitable mishaps that ensue. These stories are in turn bizarre, comic, tragic, and generally astonishing. This book will share some of the best stories, examine the patterns revealed by the stories, and articulate the valuable lessons they reveal. In the meantime, I’ve applied to speak about War Stories in design research at SXSW. You can help here (whether or not you are planning to attend SXSW) by creating an account, voting thumbs up for the proposed talk and even adding a comment. And coming up next month at Fluxible in Kitchener-Waterloo, I’ll be presenting Epic FAIL: Takeaways from the War Stories Project. Check out Jennifer’s story Keeping the Lights on in Vegas. Opportunities to observe them using our projectors are highly coveted by my UX team. In February 2014, we were invited by a good customer of ours, Staging Techniques, to observe their setup for the keynote address at Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference. The event was taking place at the Venetian Hotel, in Las Vegas, and the keynote speaker was going to be Bill Clinton. Although I had conducted many user sessions for Christie before, this was the first time I was going on site to observe a live event setup and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My biggest worry was that, even though we made it clear we were there just to observe, I would be asked to answer a technical question or troubleshoot some problem and not have a clue what to say or do. Working night shifts is very common for projectionists since it’s the best time to see and calibrate the light as other setup crews are already done and out of the way.

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For auto repairs in Sanford, there's no better place to take your car, truck, or SUV to get fixed. Our skilled technicians are here to offer service with integrity. When it comes tires, shop our huge selection online using our tire fitment guide or call us to learn more about our selection. We proudly serve Sanford, Springvale, and Alfred, ME at our shop, which is also an AAA-Approved Repair Facility and official NAPA AutoCare Center. Pleasing wardrobe Keep your bedroom tidy using the optimal bedroom storage in your luxury fifth wheel. The spacious wardrobe with Mullion-style front doors not only stores your items—but creates a luxurious feel to the room. Generous seating Spend time with your family in the living area of your luxury fifth wheel. The power reclining theater seats with heat and massage functionality and the tri-fold hide-a-bed sofa and ottoman provide ample seating for everyone. Maximum organization Pack and organize your gear into the Pinnacle’s pass-through storage compartment. Simply prop open the door to easily pack the area and optimize the available space. Space-maker The Pinnacle’s main slideout room features a 78-inch ceiling height—and provides the added space you desire to spend to time with your loved ones. Slideouts, levelers and exterior lights are activated by One Control digital command system. The 5 Star Handling package is a Jayco-exclusive designed to deliver the ultimate experience when towing your fifth wheel. The package hosts a powerful blend of high-end components to make pulling your Luxury fifth wheel a breeze. While planning and budgeting for a family vacation can be daun.

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The Neopets Fruit Machine, You get one free spin per day. Council Chamber. If you meet a giant ghost Hissi make sure to take your neopet to the Healing Springs after. Once a month get free food for your neopets and neopoints. The NeoMallers dailies free np, works only once a month. New Battledome. By visiting test. ru every month, you will get 2, neopoints and one free item for each neopet you have! Remember. Free Neopets food, free neopoints, neopets cheats, and more. If you have under 3, NP you can get some free food for your Neopets some Neopets Freebies such as 2, Neopoints and free food for your Neopets. PSP Emulators: DevHook DevHook is software which can emulate different firmware versions for your PSP. When custom firmware is on your PSP you can use emulators, If you are on Download the PSP PRO-C2 custom firmware. BOOSTER's DevHook v with Ultimate Installer v This package includes everything required to get up and running, as well as additional goodies. Our solutions are written by Chegg experts so you can be assured of the highest ISBN XISBN: Stanley J FarlowAuthors: Can I get help with questions outside of textbook solution manuals.

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As they travel cross-country, it's wall-to-wall drunken hijinks. Yes, the movie, written by Robert Towne and directed by Hal Ashby, certainly works on a metaphorical level about the US military, but forget that for a moment and just enjoy the outrageous and shocking ride. Nicholson is a cunning private eye who gets sucked into a vortex of double-crosses, secrets and political corruption. Even with a bandage over his nose (his nostril sliced in a scene by the director himself) Jack still looks cool in those suits opposite Faye Dunaway. Jerry Goldsmith's brassy score remains one of the best ever created. Maybe he's mentally ill, or maybe he's a wiseguy scoundrel trying to pull a fast one to stay out of prison. Either way, he ends up representing the spirit of the individual in this engrossing, funny and ultimately tragic allegory about how The Man is keeping us down, man. Ken Kesey 's rebellious book was perfect material for Czech director Milos Forman, himself a refuge of from a then-repressive state. This fiery, energetic performance won Nicholson his first Oscar. Nicholson taps into his inner psycho in this iconic image of 'The Shining' (1980), directed by Stanley Kubrick. Would this movie be half as scary without Jack's near-comically arched eyebrows? I say, no. Everything about this confounding soak of pure terror is in its precise place, and while Stanley Kubrick 's patented camera moves and Stephen King 's eerie setting may be what's most important, it's ultimately Nicholson that has to sell it. I don't think we've ever watched anyone slowly go bananas in a movie quite to perfection as it is done in The Shining. What Nicholson shows us in his portrayal of playwright Eugene O'Neill in Warren Beatty 's 3 hour 14 minute epic Reds is his range.

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One of the greatest things about dogs is their unconditional love but also they live in the present. Owen: I think that’s the great thing about having a dog is it kinda forces you to be in the present because that’s definitely where they’re spending their time. Was here any discussion of not having the ending you did. Owen: We were talking about being true to the book and people love that book so much that it really wasn’t a choice. There can be something beautiful about being together as a family for the whole cycle of a life and not shying away from that. What should you tell kids up front about it so they can better deal with it. Owen: I would think its okay to say there are real life issues in the film. I guess that’s just something for parents to decide. I think that, as an adult, you underestimate or forget kids’ ability to deal with stuff or how much they do soak up. Did playing a journalist in this movie change your feelings about what journalists do. I guess your character is more a columnist than a reporter. Owen: It seemed like it would be more fun to be a journalist than to be an editor. The reason this movie worked so well was because of the chemistry between you two. Was there a moment in the filming where you sort of realized that’s there. Owen: We didn’t really know each other before the movie began.

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The This is why monthly analyses are updated as new information becomes available. June 2016 was dropped out of the lineup because updated temperature data from the South Pole put June as being the third warmest June behind 2015 and 1998 by 0. 5 degrees Celsius to 0. 5. NASA is reporting that September 2016's temperature was a razor-thin 0. 04 degrees Celsius warmer than September in 2014, which held the record. But the margin is so narrow the two months could be in a tie. Monthly rankings are sensitive to updates in the record, and our latest update to mid-winter readings from the South Pole has changed the ranking for June,” said Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) director Gavin Schmidt. The collected data also includes Antarctica-based, ship-based, and buoy-based instruments measuring sea surface temperature, Modern record keeping began in 1880 because before that time, global temperature observations didn't cover enough of the planet. So the temperature records today are very thorough in their scope. This is why monthly analyses are updated as new information becomes available. Planet's monthly hot streak ebbs in September timeslive. o. a. And Hillary Clinton sees a slight opportunity to do that.

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One is for the audience to be introduced to Randyll Tarly and the kind of man he is. I know in the books we get introduced early on supporting Renly’s claim to the throne. Two for the introduction of Heartsbane which I’m sure will play a part later(Hopefully) This separates into two plots. Randy’ll coming into play as we saw this current season and Heartsbane purpose for whenever that will be revealed. Now if Randy’ll would have mentioned how mad he is and how he’s gonna go after Sam it would create a new plot and if abandoned it creates a plot-hole. Luckily the writters chose not to go that route and just kept whatever said offscreen since The Reach had many other distractions going for it. Last thing the writters need is to create a bigger web and get tangled. Randy’ll not mentioning the sword does not change or ruin anything at least for me. I mean, I would love to see what Cersei thought of the painting on the floor from that nice fellow painter. Did he paint Lannisport better than the guy who crafted Ned Stark statue and if he got paid well. I was having a perfectly reasonable disagreement when another poster entered the fray (which of course is perfectly fine) with sarcasm dripping in their response to me. But to characterize my reaction to the above as being annoyed by their disagreeing with me is disingenuous. When approached with hostility for no reason, I will respond in kind. I will no longer use that kind of language in doing so. Thank you.

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Not sure I want to pay hardcover price for it, but I'll put my name on the library list today. (Wow - the book is still on order, and I'm 24th in line. . Three Cups of Tea website Just got off the phone with my son. Mr. Mortenson is scheduled to talk at his college tonight in Durango, CO. Son and fiancee are planning to attend the sold-out event, as they have read (or are reading) the book. From the origin of the fortune cookie (Japanese, did you know? to a quick biography of General Tso (and why does he have a chicken? to a more serious look at the Chinese restaurant business, from the suppliers to the workes and owners. I found the book to be maybe two chapters too long, but that's okay as each chapter is self-contained and it's permissible to skip anything that doesn't interest you. I have no idea what prompted me to pick this up at the library, aside from deep and abiding love of mu shu pork. The book covers a lot of territory, so it doesn't get into a lot of detail at any particular point. Light reading, but enjoyable -- especially if you pick up some take-out on the way home from the library. Their Cha Cha Chinese Salad Dressing makes any excellent chicken salad.

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Watas Bagu, 40, warga yang bermukim di tanahitu mengatakan, luas tanah yang dibelinya 35 mx 37 m seharga Rp15 juta pada 2012. Setahun kemu-dian dia membangun rumah di tanah itu. Padahal, menurut dia, sertifikat dari camatdan keterangan lurah atas tanah itu sudah dimiliki-nya, sebagai hak milik. BPN Sumut juga sudahpernah bilang secara lisan tidak ada masalah ditanah itu, tapi Poldasu mengklaim sebagai asetmereka, ujarnya. Warga lainnya, Goklas Nainggolan, 45, menye-butkan, Karo Sarpras Polda juga memintanyasegera merubuhkan bangunan miliknya jika tidakmau berurusan dengan hukum. Karo Sarprasbilang supaya kami secepatnya merubuhkanbangunan rumah kami. Kalau tidak kami akandijebloskan dalam penjara, kata dia. Menurut Goklas, dirinya bagian dari korbanpenipuan jika memang benar tanah itu aset Polda. urat akta jual beli tanah itu ada kami terima dariAKBP Juliana. Polsek Belawan Tangkap Bandar Narkoba1 Kg Sabu Senilai Rp2 Miliar Disita bungkus sabu-sabu sebagaibarang bukti (BB). Kepada petugas tersangkamengatakan, barang yang dilarangUU No. 35 tahun 2009 tentangNarkotika itu dibelinya darikawasan Kota Medan, dan akandijual kepada seseorang berinisialA, warga Belawan. Tersangkaini merupakan salah seorang darisindikat narkoba, namun belumbisa kita infokan karena kasus inimasih terus kita kembangkan,ujar Aswin. Untuk mempertanggungja-wabkan perbuatannya, tersangkaditahan di sel Mapolsek Belawandan dijerat pasal 114 sub 112 UUNo. 35 tahun 2009 tentang Narko-tika dengan ancaman hukuman20 tahun penjara.

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r will you kindly respond? Thanx. I did a search on the subject and found nearly all folks will consent with your blog. I surprise how much attempt you set to create such a fantastic informative site. I checked on the net for additional information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site. I wonder how much effort you put to create this type of fantastic informative site. You already know thus significantly on the subject of this matter, produced me in my view consider it from numerous numerous angles. Its like women and men are not fascinated until it is one thing to do with Girl gaga. You know therefore considerably when it comes to this topic, produced me personally imagine it from numerous numerous angles. I appreciate you writing this write-up and the rest of the site is extremely good. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the truth then again I’ll definitely come again again. I’m not certain the things that I would have gone through without the aspects shared by you over that topic. It had been a frustrating condition for me personally, nevertheless finding out your professional tactic you treated that took me to jump with joy. I will be happy for your service and as well, wish you realize what a powerful job you’re getting into training people via your website. The place else may just I get that kind of information written in such an ideal method.

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In my responses to some of the tweets, I erroneously mentioned that the coming quarters included Q1 and that Q4 was four quarters away, while I should have said Q2 (whose results are not yet out) and Q4 (results) is three quarters away. I promptly deleted that tweet when I realised the error. The other point I made about the PM following bigoted people on Twitter is well documented by people such as in here. As others - here, here and here have pointed out, the PM's speech presented a disingenuous argument about the state of the economy. After all, the last six quarters has shown a steady fall in growth numbers, which seems to have precipitated in the last three quarters in particular - a clear sign that the demonetisation decision has severely affected the economy, coupled with the problems that followed the hasty implementation of the GST. There have been several articles in many outlets - including in The Hindu - that have pointed to the disingenuousness of the response of the government to findings about the quantum of demonetised cash returning to the bank and its implications, the state of the unorganised sector, the crashing of commodity prices due to disruptions in cash flow in the supply chains, the distress to farmers because of these price falls. Then there are a number of stories about the problems faced by small traders and businessmen due to the GST's hasty implementation and trouble with the GSTN, unhappiness over excess bureaucratic work and so on. Some of this is of course teething troubles, but some of it is also due to the haste in which the implementation was done, which is reflected in the multiple changes suggested and made after its implementation. The ill-effects of the slowdown of the economy is also reflected in the jobs market- where several reports, economists and even industry captains have suggested that there has been a deleterious effect. Other problems such as under-investment by the private sector and the low level of gross fiscal capital formation have persisted for many months now. News outlets-including The Hindu - have carried out different views on how to handle this economic slowdown - some have spoken to the need for a fiscal stimulus to address primarily the infrastructure bottlenecks and; some have suggested caution on the stimulus front and arguing for structural reforms instead; while others have said that the stimulus is still required despite structural weaknesses and disruptions in the supply side as this is the only way to address the lack of job growth. In order to make an effective intervention, those in government must realise the reality that we are in (and which is a consequence of their own problematic decisions such as demonetisation). Those concerned about the economy must not buy into propaganda, which some in the government and among their supporters have indulged in, to paint a rosy picture when one does not exist. Our job as journalists is to question the government and to keep it on its toes to mitigate the problems in the economy which are pretty much its own creation. Personally, I have been part of a team in The Hindu that has come up with 100s of data points and graphics on various issues related to public policy, current affairs, political economy, sports, international issues, and so on.