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Zombies and to discuss the recent interview he conducted with our own Tiny Wight on his blog, iheartsynths. om. D. We give you two guesses which one didn’t make it, and the first guess doesn’t count. We review the Zoe Bell women in prison flick, Raze. The most electrifying man in podcasting stops by to confront our resident Monster about his idiotic take on last week’s film. Bill By. It was a very heated, spirited argument about what did and didn’t happen in the film. Some of the hosts may or may not have paid attentio. We review the low-budget grindhouse homage, Dear God No. Dynamo gives us his 13 best comic series' of 2013, we make a huge announcement regarding next week’s a.

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Only nitpick I’m having is: Did Olly seriously just charge at Tormund against all odds and even got away with it. Only nitpick I’ve got about this one is how Roose didn’t see it coming. Ramsay was acting super weird, it was kind obvious that something was gonna happen. Roose should’ve known, especially after treating Ramsay so harshly in the past. I really like the concept of that test, but this was over way too quickly. After Arya insisted that she had no name, Jaqen should’ve just left. Arya gets weaker and weaker, and more doubtful each time. I’m not really sure if I feel Pilou Asbaek as Euron, but it was still pretty great. Definitely not the way I would’ve done it if I was in charge of the show. I think they were trying to achieve the same effect as when Jaime’s hand was cut off. Sudden, confusing, and slightly off putting with an upbeat soundtrack just after, and I think it worked fine.

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Pura. hrough this Scheme Water will be supplied regularly in every house. He also informed the people present on the occasion that he has got approved monthly pension of Rs 1000 to disabled person and very soon all the specially abled person will get that benefit in R. Pura Constituency and in the same way the Widow and Old Age Pension pending cases will be taken care of soon. He toured every lane of the Village Salehar and directed the officials of the Rural Development Department to prepare the estimates of the lanes and drains which are shabby so that it can be constructed through the MLA C. fund, he also announced that an 100 KVA Sub Station will be created in the village and damaged conductors and poles will also be replaced the funds have been transferred to the P. . and very soon the same will be completed at the earliest. They while describing Brand said the signature D'Decor experience enjoyed by customers in major cities across India will now be accessible to the discerning people of Jammu. The premium home furnishing brand that has revolutionised home decor is opened an exclusive store in marble market, Jammu. D'Decor is the world largest producer of curtain and upholstery fabrics and exports home fabrics to 65 countries across the world.

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Tsugumomo: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray) Vampire and the Ballerina (Blu-Ray) (Widescreen) Waterboys Wild at Heart (Blu-Ray) (Widescreen) Wizard (Blu-Ray) (Widescreen). Inside Sportfishing: Ocean Odyssey Inside Sportfishing: Sitka's Kings, Lings, and Giant Halibut Is It Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in a Dungeon. Trailer Park Shark (Widescreen) Unwilling (Widescreen) Van Wilder: Party Liasion (Blu-Ray) Van Wilder: Party Liasion Violent Professionals (Blu-Ray) WW2 Through The Battles: Documentary Bundle When Calls the Heart: Hearts and Minds (Widescreen) Zatch Bell the Movie: 101st Devil Zatch Bell the Movie: Attack of Mechavulcan. Be Back By Five (Blu-Ray) West Virginia Within the Darkness (Widescreen) Woman Chases Man Woman's Devotion (Blu-Ray) Woman's Devotion. Local Southern California Fishing at Its Finest Inside Sportfishing: Monsters of the Deep Insult (Blu-Ray) Insult. Wild Kratts: Madagascar Madness WordWorld: Let's Eat X Men:Apocalypse (Blu-Ray) (Widescreen) Zappa, Frank: Framk Zappa's Three Card Trick. Magic Moments Of Music Miss Kiet's Children Moody Blues: Moody Blues: Days of Future Passed Live (Blu-Ray) Moody Blues: Moody Blues: Days of Future Passed Live Murder Ahoy Murder Most Foul Murder at the Gallop Naples '44 (Widescreen) Neat: The Story of Bourbon No Orchids for Miss Blandish (Blu-Ray) No Orchids for Miss Blandish Nova: Day The Dinosaurs Died Offerings (Blu-Ray) One Piece: Season Nine: Voyage Four P. Women (1939) World Rally Championship: FIA 2017 (Blu-Ray). Incontrol (Widescreen) Ingmar Bergman: Through the Choreographer's Eye Klymaxx: Klymaxx: The Best of Klymaxx Live. Halo Legends (Widescreen) Halo: The Fall of Reach (Blu-Ray) (Widescreen) Halo: The Fall of Reach (Widescreen) Harlock: Space Pirate (Blu-Ray) Hey Arnold. Life: The Fantastic Story of the Human Body Once Upon A Time: Man: Once Upon a Time.

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He held that the people of India irrespective of religious differences ought to form a united nation in order to secure independence and pursue policies of common welfare. The last days of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah have largely remained shrouded in mystery. This was not because of any sinister plot but primarily because Jinnah was in a certain sense a very private man and was too proud to compromise on his privacy. He was suffering from ill health since a long time but was adamant not to permit his family and doctors to probe the cause of his debilitating condition beyond a certain point. Jinnah’s illness was known only to his immediate family, the topmost government officials and his personal medical staff. But there is a certain critical importance in fully understanding Jinnah’s turmoil, both physical and mental, in his final days. A first-hand account of his last days is now available in a book, With the Quaid-i-Azam During His Last Days. The author Lt Colonel Ilahi Bakhsh was Jinnah’s physician in his last days and based his account on his personal diary. This monograph was first published in 1949, shortly after Jinnah’s demise. The author was then in government service and was under pressure to publish a very watered down version of the original manuscript. The reasons are obvious—the newly founded state of Pakistan could ill afford any controversy over the last days of its own founder.

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Give Cannes, Berlin and Venice the slip by trying out one of the best foreign films on Netflix right now. Farrell plays David, a man whose wife recently left him. David is sent to a hotel where he’s told he must find a mate within 45 days or be turned into an animal. While there, David witnesses strange rituals and must follow strict rules in order to find love, but it’s not until he ventures into the woods, where the “loners” live that he pairs up with a woman (Weisz) who may be his soulmate. It’s weird, eccentric, and the perfect Farrell-starring vehicle. At least, that’s what Tale of Tales would have you believe. The film pulls inspiration from stories by Giambattista Basile, tales that are interwoven throughout the movie though they follow three separate women. The first is the tale of a bitter Queen (Salma Hayek) who desires a child above all else and pays the ultimate sacrifice to have one. The second is of an old hag who is transformed into a beautiful young woman before catching the eye of a king. The third is of a princess betrothed to an ogre who finds a grisly means of escape. Each story is beautiful, grotesque, and rooted in fantasy.

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Tywin is satisfied, as Cersei has only let Joffrey do whatever he pleased. He also tells her that she is not as smart as she thinks she is and that undermining the Tyrells would be irrational considering how they helped defeat Stannis. When Margaery and Joffrey wave to the crowd outside the Sept, Cersei initially fears for Joffrey's safety. Littlefinger agrees that he will use his spies to uncover their plans, one of which turns out to be marrying Loras to Sansa. However, her smug attitude towards Tyrion when this is revealed to him quickly evaporates when Tywin reveals that he intends to have her marry Loras to secure the Reach. Cersei begs her father not to make her enter another loveless marriage but Tywin refuses to hear another word from either of his children, saying they have disgraced the family name for far too long. Cersei reminds the queen-in-waiting of the lyrics of The Rains of Castamere and to take a lesson of what happened to House Reyne. Cersei maintains a cool expression during the ceremony, and does not laugh when Joffrey ridicules Tyrion by removing his footstool. During the wedding feast, Joffrey heads off to torment Sansa some more. Fed up with him, Cersei tells him to speak with Margaery instead, but he ignores her. Cersei later retreats to an upper gallery and stares despondently out over Blackwater Bay.

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